We are a family business that has been dedicated to providing quality plumbing, heating and gas services at reasonable prices for over 20 years in Hopkinton and the greater Metro-West area of MA.
Critical Service Provider
Governor Charlie Baker has declared that plumbing and gas companies are "Critical Service Providers" and as such Zereski Plumbing is OPEN for business during these extraordinary times.  Although biological pathogen avoidance is nothing new to us, we are taking additional precautions as outlined in the states guidelines for service providers similar to first responders to protect our healthy employees and any customers from exposure to COVID-19.  Additionally, we are also accepting credit cards and contactless smart pay methods to further avoid personal contact if needed.  We will still also accept checks if you do not have the ability to use a CC. 

Emergency Water Heater Replacements!

No hot water? Leaking tank?  Don't worry! Give us a call and we will get right on repairing or replacing your hot water heater and have you back in business quickly and for less than any other plumbing company.  We can help you sort through the many choices and options available and find the best fit for your needs.  We service and install all types of hot water heaters including high efficiency on demand hot water heaters, tank type water heaters and hot water storage tanks attached to boilers.

Water Pressure Booster Systems!

Do you have low water pressure? Well you don't have to just live with that anymore.  Zereski Plumbing can install a variety of pressure boosting systems that will raise your water pressure throughout the home.

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The above thermal image was taken during the investigation of a stained ceiling area.  The owners suspected plumbing, however the thermal camera found the source of water was coming from this second floor window as snow and ice melt water found its way inside, down the wall into the floor resulting in the ceiling stain on the first floor. The picture bellow is also another leaky window that was mistaken for a plumbing leak.