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This Months "Pro Tip" 

Well, summer is here school is out and here come the pool parties, BBQ's, sleep overs and house guests.  Great fun for sure and something most of us look forward to all year, but lets be prepared for the inevitable issues kids and party guests can bring into the home.  Believe it or not, one of the most common calls we get this time of year is for clogged toilets and jammed "pump up" toilet systems. especially in peoples basements.  If you have a pump up toilet or basement bathroom sewage ejector system, MAKE SURE guests know that its for the 3 'P's ONLY (that's poo, pee and paper!).  Sounds silly, maybe even embarrassing to say out loud, but trust me when I say its necessary because people flush and forget. Put a sign on the toilet tank cover if you have too, because people (especially kids and teens) put some really awful things down toilets and if you have an overflow or pump failure during a will wish you said something or put up a sign when you are cleaning up the aftermath in your flip flops.  Then to rub salt in the wound, paying us to come and fish whatever was flushed out of the toilet or pump, despite our more than reasonable rates, its still something no one wants to spend money on.   If your real un-lucky, or its old, than the jammed sewage/toilet pump will burn out and even cheap sewage ejector pumps are $500 in the box with longer lasting or specific types costing 1k or more just for the parts needed to replace the pump.

Also, did you know that most large plumbing firms offer their employees a sales commission? This is just bad business as it encourages employees to do un-needed work and overcharge the customer so the employee can make more money.  If you see your plumber advertising on bill boards or the yellow pages, or driving nice new black vans with yellow lettering, they have commissioned based employee's and they need to spend all that money on advertising because no one ever calls them again after the first experience.  Stick with small family owned business and you will get better service and products for less.

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The above thermal image was taken during the investigation of a stained ceiling area.  The owners suspected plumbing, however the thermal camera found the source of water was coming from this second floor window as snow and ice melt water found its way inside, down the wall into the floor resulting in the ceiling stain on the first floor. The picture bellow is also another leaky window that was mistaken for a plumbing leak.