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This Months "Pro Tip" 

Well, its almost here! Thanksgiving and then Christmas is right around the corner.  Did you know we always see a huge spike in service calls around the holidays?  
All those guests, parties and cooking put a major strain on plumbing and gas systems.  Be proactive in getting small problems fixed that will get worse when heavy use begins.  With good plumbers in short supply around the holidays, you may have a tough time finding good and reasonable service quickly and be left for the wolves over at Rhodenhiser Plumbing who will gladly take advantage of your misfortune.

  Also, did you know that most large plumbing firms offer their employees a sales commission? This is just bad business as it encourages employees to do un-needed work and overcharge the customer so the employee can make more money.  If you see your plumber advertising on bill boards or the yellow pages there's a good chance they have commissioned based employee's and they need to spend all that money on advertising because no one ever calls them again after the first experience.

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The above thermal image was taken during the investigation of a stained ceiling area.  The owners suspected plumbing, however the thermal camera found the source of water was coming from this second floor window as snow and ice melt water found its way inside, down the wall into the floor resulting in the ceiling stain on the first floor. The picture bellow is also another leaky window that was mistaken for a plumbing leak.