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This Months "Pro Tip" 

Well, summer is all but over and the kids are off to school.  Pretty soon the leaves will fall and then....snow.  Yeah I said it, "winter is coming".  Besides just a line on the show Game of Thrones, winter is a real problem here in the Metro West.  

It seems every year we get that first cold snap and no one is ready.  It usually comes around Thanksgiving and has been a week or two early in years past, that was fun.  Many people get caught with their hoses still on the spigot and they freeze and break.  Don't let this be you, watch the weather forecast for dropping temps and plan accordingly.  Remove hoses and drain them fully or store them indoors.  Close inside supply vales to spigots and then open them up outside and leave them open, so they drain out.  Also frost free spigots are freeze proof like the Titanic was un-sinkable.  If you leave the hose attached to a frost free spigot, it will not drain, thus it will freeze and break. 
Also, did you know that most large plumbing firms offer their employees a sales commission? This is just bad business as it encourages employees to do un-needed work and overcharge the customer so the employee can make more money.  If you see your plumber advertising on bill boards or the yellow pages there's a good chance they have commissioned based employee's and they need to spend all that money on advertising because no one ever calls them again after the first experience.

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The above thermal image was taken during the investigation of a stained ceiling area.  The owners suspected plumbing, however the thermal camera found the source of water was coming from this second floor window as snow and ice melt water found its way inside, down the wall into the floor resulting in the ceiling stain on the first floor. The picture bellow is also another leaky window that was mistaken for a plumbing leak.